Window System Solutions

  Innovative products & solutions 

With Brombal USA we have combine the experience of over forty years of Brombal fabrication which stems from the artisianal traditons of Venetian craftsmanship, blending the innovation required of the U.S. market.  We are always striving to design more efficient products, which is a strong link that has always united Italy to the United States.



OS2 system has been studied, designed and made in order to provide historical and monumental buildings with door and window frames that could meet the highest performance and insulation standards required and that could, at the same time, visually recall the classic Hot rolled. OS2 system is equipped with a 46 mm (1’ 13/16) lateral and a 62 mm (2’ 7/16) central section, made with thermal break profiles – integrated with a complete range of system accessories – allowing for a wide range of openings.

EBE 65:

EBE 65 is the technological answer to the ever demanding building performance requirements. The innovative technological solution, known as “thermal break” joint, allows for highly structural profiles with low visual impact. This guarantees the highest performance requirements in terms of energy saving, maximum comfort, acoustic insulation, resistance to weather, active and passive safety and low maintenance costs.

EBE 85:

Thanks to the enhancement of the insulating area and to the reduction of the visible sections, EBE 85 combines in one product all the functional advantages and the architectural aspects thus meeting all the requirements for sustainable projects. EBE 85 system makes it possible to use thick triple glazing windows, with high thermal, acoustic and safety performance.


ML system, thanks to the structural rigidity of steel profiles with thermal break and the range of accessories integrated in the system, makes it possible to realise large windows with a mere 85 mm visible section - much smaller than the traditional wooden ones - while achieving high acoustic, thermal and safety performance. ML profiles are coated with 90° mitre solid wood on the internal face - thus making it easier to match it with the room furnishing - while the external metallic face lowers the need for maintenance.


Termica system makes it possible to realize curtain walls with thermal break, with structural steel mullions and transoms with a high moment of inertia and slender 50 mm (2”) sections. These characteristics guarantee the achievement of those required static values while, at the same time, reducing the facades size as much as possible. The covers, with a reduced size of 50 mm and available in galvanized steel, stainless steel, corten steel and burnished brass, allow for the facade to be integrated into any architectural context.


A system designed not only to lock the mosquitoes outside but rather to ensure the same design and quality of the frame. The combination of mesh and frame allows us to offer our customers a high quality piece of furniture worthy of Made in Italy.